Fairfield Circuitry launches the ~900, a ferocious four-knob fuzz

Inspired by the discontinued Four-Eyes Fuzz.

Fairfield ~900

Image: Fairfield Circuitry

Fairfield Circuitry has launched the ~900, a four-knob fuzz pedal that allows deep control over two JFET gain stages for a huge range of sounds and responses.

The pedal is partially inspired by Fairfield’s now-discontinued For Eyes Fuzz pedal, however increases the amount of gain and harmonics on tap.

The four controls are Input, Volume, Bias and Fuzz. Input controls the input gain of the pedal, allowing it to perform at its best no matter what pickup or other pedals it’s being combined with. The second gain stage is controlled by the Fuzz and Bias controls. The Fuzz control adjusts the amount of signal being fed into this second stage, while the Bias control adjusts how the signal is compressed and chewed up in the stage itself. Finally, the Volume control adjusts the level of signal at the output jack. Both gain stages are driven by JFET transistors.

At lower Input, Fuzz and Bias settings, the pedal’s character is reminiscent of a dirty boost or overdrive, but still with plenty of range from the Input knob. At higher Fuzz settings, the second stage introduces even more thick, fuzzy distortion to the signal. At this point, the Bias knob can be used to create a voltage-starved, gated sound.

The pedal bears the serial number code AF, standing for the important message: “All Fuzzes / Are Friends.”

The pedal lists for $259.00 CAD. Find out more at fairfieldcircuitry.com.


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