Fender announces the Evangelion-themed Asuka Telecaster

Featuring a colour-scheme inspired by Asuka’s plugsuit.

Fender Japan has announced a limited edition Telecaster, themed after the Neon Genesis Evangelion character Asuka.

The 2020 Evangelion Asuka Telecaster takes inspiration from Asuka’s plugsuit, and while it might not let you interface with a 75-metre tall mech, it does feature a black and orange pickguard, along with an orange-gradient gloss polyester finish. The four-bolt neck plate also features a NERV logo etching. The only fretboard inlay is a block-print-style EVA 2 at the twelfth fret.

The 2020 Evangelion Asuka Telecaster
Image: Fender Japan


Electronics-wise, there’s an Alumitone Humbucker in the bridge and an Alumitone single-coil in the neck position. These are governed by the standard Telecaster arrangement of a three-way switch, and master tone and volume controls.

The guitar also ships with a certificate of authenticity alongside an original artwork by Rebuild of Evangelion director Kazuya Tsurumaki, featuring Asuka in a plugsuit with the guitar. It’s currently set to release in mid-July 2020, celebrating the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0.

The 2020 Evangelion Asuka Telecaster will cost ¥259,000, or around $2416. Find out more over at Fender.com’s Japanese site. For more guitar news, click here.