NAMM 2019: Fender announces American Performer Series, an affordable MIA line

The nine guitars in the range are pegged as the most affordable MIA Fenders.

With NAMM 2019 on the horizon, Fender has launched a brand-new series of instruments: the Fender American Performer. This line of instruments replaces the American Special series and marks the first update to the category in over a decade.

The American Performer Series includes nine guitars: two Stratocasters, two Telecasters, a Jazzmaster, a Jazz Bass, a Mustang, a Mustang Bass and a Precision Bass. As the series’ name suggests, these are road-worthy US-made instruments designed for use on any kind of venue and live setup. And like their American Special predecessors, the Performer models are the most affordable MIA Fenders – most hover around the $1,000 mark.

Watch our video demo of the Strat, Tele and P-Bass here:


And here’s a quick look at the features of the series:

New pickups

The American Performer basses Fender
The American Performer basses

All guitars in the series feature new pickups: the Yosemite single-coil and the DoubleTap humbucker.

The former is a versatile alnico-based pup that caters to a range of playing styles. The latter, on the other hand, is a patent-pending design with a coil-splitting function that allows you to toggle between humbucking and single-coil modes. Fender claims the design minimises the volume loss commonly experienced in split-coil setups.

Enhanced electronics

The ability to quickly and easily switch tones is important when playing live. Which is why the guitars in this series sport a push-pull pot that enables you to access different tonal options on the fly.

Depending on the model, a push of the button adds the round tone of a single-coil neck pickup or taps a humbucker for a different tonal range. Additionally, all guitars are loaded with a Greasebucket circuit that lets you roll off treble levels without any loss of gain or clarity.

Hardware and aesthetics

American Performer Mustang Fender
American Performer Mustang

Models in the series come with vintage-style hardware, including 18:1 ClassicGear drop-in replacement tuners that help the guitars stay in tune for a longer time. There’s also a nod to the brand’s history, with its Stratocasters sporting the large 70s headstock.

Lastly, Fender has added a selection of new gloss coats and satin finishes. They include: Arctic White, Aubergine, Honeyburst, Penny, Satin Surf Green, Satin Sonic Blue and Satin Lake Placid Blue and more.

American Performer models retail from $1,099 to $1,199. More information at fender.com.

Check out the other American Performer models:

American Performer Stratocaster in Honeyburst
American Performer Stratocaster in Honeyburst
American Performer Stratocaster HSS
American Performer Stratocaster HSS in Black
American Performer Telecaster in Satin Sonic Blue
American Performer Telecaster in Satin Sonic Blue
American Performer Telecaster HUM in Aubergine
American Performer Telecaster Hum in Aubergine
American Performer Jazzmaster in Satin Lake Placid Blue

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