The Fender Custom Shop introduces the wide-ranging Surf Green With Envy Collection

There are guitars, drums, pedals and amplifiers in the range.

The Fender Custom Shop has introduced the new Surf Green With Envy Collection, a wide-ranging set of drums, guitars, amplifiers and more all finished in – you guessed it – surf green.

The set came about thanks to Master Builders Paul Waller and Ron Thorn. It involved each of the Custom Shop’s Master Builders choosing a year to showcase, and build their own vintage-inspired guitar.

The team clearly took well to the project, as they ended up adding matching amplifiers, pedals and even a custom painted Gretsch drum kit, which accompanied Master Builder Dennis Galuszka’s 1963 Esquire. Take a look at the range up close in the photos below.


Each model in this collection is one-of-a-kind. The range is being sold at authorised Fender Custom Shop showcase dealers in person or online. Fender also released an overview video below about the range – take a look:

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