Fender releases limited-edition Jazzmasters with all-rosewood necks

More off-kilter quirks for the offset.

In a not-so-subtle twist to a tried-and-test formula, Fender has launched a trio of Jazzmasters with all-rosewood necks and headstocks.

These limited-edition offsets have one-piece rosewood necks – with the stripe running along the back – and headstocks. And rather than the usual decals, the brand has opted to engrave both the “Fender” and “Jazzmaster” logos onto the headstock. These versions come in three finishes: Surf Green, Olympic White and Shell Pink.

fender jazzmaster rosewood neck
Image: Guitar Center


Otherwise, these Jazzmasters sport identical specs to its siblings in the American Professional range. These include two V-Mod single-coil pickups, an alder body, and a three-way pickup selector switch in place of the vintage-style rhythm/lead circuits.

In our review of the American Professional Jazzmaster, we said the guitar “sounds as pretty as it looks, and if you aren’t a die-hard Jazzmaster obsessive, there’s much to love”.

The new all-rosewood Fender Jazzmasters retail for $/£1,749.