Watch: Fender’s new Player Plus guitars in action

We take you through the two of the range’s Stratocasters and a Telecaster.

Fender has just launched its new Player Plus range of guitars, and we’ve taken a look at three: the Player Plus Stratocaster, Player Plus Stratocaster HSS, and the Player Plus Nashville Telecaster.

All three of the guitars feature a 12-inch fretboard radius, locking tuners, modern nut widths and a new range of Player Plus Noiseless single-coil pickups. The bridge pickup found in the Stratocaster HSS is a new Player Plus Wide Range Humbucker, which can be coil split thanks to a push/pull tone pot. On the Stratocaster the push/pull tone pot throws the neck pickup into positions one and two for Tele-like tones.

The Nashville Telecaster features an additional middle-position Strat pickup, allowing for sounds reminiscent of a Stratocaster as well as classic Tele twang. The push-pull tone pot here again adds in the neck pickup to positions one and two for a fuller, rounded sound.


In our video you’ll also be able to see three of the rather striking finishes that guitars in the range come with: our Stratocaster HSS was finished in Belair Blue, the Stratocaster in Tequila Sunrise and the Nashville Telecaster in Opal Spark.

Take a look at our demo video above.