Fender revamps Troy Van Leeuwen’s Signature Jazzmaster

It now comes with a brighter finish and maple neck and fretboard.

Troy Van Leeuwen's Signature Jazzmaster

Image: Fender

Fender has launched the second version of Troy Van Leeuwen’s signature Jazzmaster, bringing some new features and a new finish to the Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist’s offset.

The most striking changes from the original iteration are the finish and the neck/fretboard. The guitar now comes in a retro-automobile-inspired metallic ‘Copper Age’ finish, showing a slightly brighter side to the guitarist’s aesthetic sensibilities. To that end, the neck is now maple, with a 7.25-inch radius maple fingerboard.

In terms of electronics, the guitar comes fitted with fairly standard Jazzmaster appointments – the pickups are fender’s Pure Vintage ‘65 Single-Coil Jazzmaster pickups, and the same dual-circuit tone controls the model is known for are still here. Notably, however, instead of a low-profile slider switch to change circuit, it’s now a chunkier toggle switch on the top horn – a choice inspired by Van Leeuwen’s need to play other instruments on stage, such as keys or lap steel. This means the guitar’s signal can be killed with an easy flick of this accessible switch.

Troy Van Leeuwen's Signature Jazzmaster
Image: Fender

Troy said of the new model: “To have a Fender signature model is already a dream come true,” said Troy Van Leeuwen. “So, to be asked to refresh the look is an honour. Aesthetically, it’s a 180° turn from my original Candy Oxblood signature Jazzmaster, which excites me as I was looking to do a colour that has a classic look. Guitars and cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s used the same paint colours. So, I tried to imagine a 1955 copper convertible Corvette® with accents of Aztec Gold. I think we nailed it. The metallic finish really shines on the curves of the offset body shape. I also like the maple fingerboard with the black binding, because it’s a unique look for a Jazzmaster and it adds an attack to the guitar’s versatile tones. I’ve seen vintage Jaguars with this neck, but not very many Jazzmasters.”

Hear more of what he has to say with his demo video below:

The guitar lists for £1,319/€1,509 – find out more at shop.fender.com.

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