Fishman’s Fluence Greg Koch Gristle-Tone pickups deliver the guitarist’s favourite P90 tones

Fishman’s Fluence technology promises hum-free output and multiple voices per pickup.

Fishman has teamed with Greg Koch to launch a new signature set of P90 pickups, promising a range of the guitarist’s favourite tones.

The pickups come in a set – composed of a neck and bridge P90 – powered by Fishman’s Fluence technology to offer hum-free output and three distinct voices each.

The neck model’s three voices include an underwound tone that offers “aged P90” clarity, a fat overwound tone with no compromise on treble, and a clear and open single-coil tone.


The bridge model provides a vintage P90 tone with “a healthy dose of honk”, an overwound P90 tone with girth, and a single-coil tone with plenty of jangle.

Like other Fluence pickups, the P90s can be powered by a standard 9V battery or with Fishman’s Fluence Rechargeable Battery pack.

Hear the pickup set in action below:

Larry Fishman, founder of Fishman, said it was a pleasure to work with Koch on crafting the pickup set.

“He knows what he’s looking for and can express it well both verbally and musically,” he said in a statement. “Our sessions become something like ‘product jams’ – trading back and forth until we hit that perfect note.”


Koch added: “We set forth to come up with a set of P90 pickups to completely ameliorate the angst of humanity, and we came damn close…”

The Fishman Fluence Greg Koch Gristle-Tone Signature Series P90 are available now in Black and Cream colours. At press time, prices have yet to be announced for the pickup set.

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