Fishman launches the Fluence Javier Reyes Signature 6-,7-, and 8-String Pickup Sets

The Animals as Leaders guitarist has tuned the pickups for dynamic range and clarity.

Fishman Fluente Javier Reyes

Images: Fishman

Fishman has unveiled a set of signature pickups for Animals as LeadersJavier Reyes, available in 6-, 7- and 8-string versions.

Javier is known for his dynamic and technical playing style, showing a range of influence in his music – from prog metal to classical. His approach to the 8 string has meant that these pickups have a focus on dynamics, not just power, as Fishman explains: “Javier’s pickups are unique among other Fluence artist sets in that they reflect his desire for warmer passive tones, smooth musical top-end, and organic dynamics. And, like all Fishman Fluence pickups, the Javier Reyes signature set is Multi-Voice and free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups.”

The selectable voices on offer from the bridge set include Voice 1, a thicker tone with heavy low end, a barky low-midrange, and aggressive upper-midrange that offers enough impact while still retaining clarity. Voice 2 is voiced for lead tone, accentuating the treble and harmonics, while Voice 3 is a clear, open single-coil sound.

Voice 1 for the neck pickup in the set is a low-end-heavy tone that still retains a smooth top-end and separation, while Voice 2 is warmer, with a focus on the lows and low-mids, – taking on an almost hollow body jazz box character. Like the bridge, the third voice splits the pickup for a single-coiled tone.

Check out Reyes talking about the pickup set below:

Recently, Reyes’ bandmate Tosin Abasi announced he would be selling 100 items of his personal gear through his own storefront.

Javier Reyes’ Signature Pickup (6, 7 and 8-string) Sets list for $350.58. Find out more over at


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