Foxgear announces two new pedals, the XYZ Waves and the Jeenie

Both retain a 100% analogue signal path.

Foxgear has announced two new pedal units, a multi-effects modulation pedal called the XYZ Waves, and a compact interface called the Jeenie.

XYZ Waves

This pedal offers five modulation algorithms, selected by the central control knob. The five are Room Chorus, Envelope Filter, PhaseVerb, TremVerb, and PolyPitch. Every one of the algorithms maintains a 100% analogue signal path.

The other controls include a mix knob, which blends between the dry and modulated signals, as well as the X, Y and Z knobs, each of which change function depending on the selected modulation mode. For the chorus, tremolo and phase modes, the X knob controls the added reverb, while all three knobs are dedicated to more complex modulation parameters for the less conventional PolyPitch and Envelope Filter modes.


The Jeenie is a fully-analogue interface, that comes loaded with several amp, cab and mic simulations. It uses a Class-A FET preamp to mimic the feel and response of a tube amp, while further tweaking is offered by a 3-band EQ.

The ‘Rig’ control allows you to select between a pedal-platform style neutral amp, an American-style amp running into either a 2×12 or 4×10 cabinet, and a British-style amplifier running into either a 2×12 and 4×12 cabinet.

An aux input allows you to play along to the backing track of your choice, while a headphone out allows you to play silently or connect to a home stereo. There’s also a standard quarter-inch recording out.

The XYZ Waves lists for $129, while the Jeenie lists for $149. Find out more at foxgeardistribution.com.

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