Fredric Effects’ Regent 150 preamp is inspired by an East German unit

Compact stomper packs 40-year-old NOS East German transistors.

London company Fredric Effects has debuted the Regent 150, a stompbox modelled after an East German preamp, the Vermona Regent 150K. Surfacing in the 70s, the original unit was a staple in rehearsal studios, stages and bedrooms across the Eastern bloc.

To get close to the original preamp recipe, Fredric Effects designed the Regent 150 with 40-year-old NOS East German transistors and used a charge pump to match the original unit’s voltage. The result is a compact device that functions as both an EQ sculptor and preamp booster.

Fredric Effects Regent 150 preamp


Onboard the pedal is a master volume control as well as a two-band EQ. The treble control can be used to dial in a clean, glassy sound, while the boosted bass is “warm without being flubby”, according to Fredric Effects.

Retails at £120. More info at