Friedman’s Mic-No-Mo’ does exactly what it says on the tin

A compact unit slotting in between an amp and cabinet speakers.

Friedman has unveiled Mic-No-Mo’, an all-analogue cab sim and DI box designed to mitigate problems like “mic bleed, cluttered stages and inconsistent mic placement”, according to the brand.

The device functions as an intermediary between an amplifier and speaker cabinet, letting you simulate mic placement settings before it reaches the cab’s speakers. It’s worth mentioning, however, that Mic-No-Mo’ isn’t a load box, and should only be used with a compatible speaker cabinet.

Friedman mic-no-mic rear


The device comes with a comprehensive set of inputs and outpus, which are detailed below:

  • Front Panel
    • From amp: Connect to amplifier’s speaker output with 1/4-inch speaker cable
    • To speaker: Connect to cab’s speakers with 1/4-inch speaker cable
  • Back Panel
    • Balanced XLR output: Connect to a mixer or interface
    • Two-way ground lift switch: Eliminates ground loops
    • Two-way axis switch: Selects between centre (brighter) or edge (darker) simulated mic placements
    • Two-way level switch: Selects between a -10 dB or -30 dB volume cut

Retails at $99.99. More info at