Fuse Audio Labs announces new bundle of virtual stompboxes

Need to expand your DAW’s guitar capabilities?

Fuse Audio's VPB

Image: Fuse Audio

Fuse Audio Labs has announced a new bundle of virtual stompboxes, available as plugins for your own DAW.

The package includes on freeware pedal for those who just want a taste of what Fuse Audio Labs has to offer. The free pedal is The Big Sur, a distortion effect with, according to the brand, a “hint of fuzz” included.

Also included in the VPB (Virtual Pedal Board) package is the El-Germano, the Octafish, the Gate-230, and the Chorus-65.

El-Germano is based on a 60s-style drive built with Germanium transistors. It’s voiced for a vintage, old-school rasp, and for some extra tweaking, you can adjust the input bias and voltage for extra headroom.

The Octafish is a sub-octave pedal, adding a bass tone synthesized by a precise M51134 IC emulation. Fuse Audio says the aggressiveness of the effect ranges from “subtle extension of your low end to wall-shaking earthquake simulations.” If you want to just simulate a bass or a synth, the virtual stompbox comes with an ‘octave solo’ switch.

The Gate-230 is a noise gate, operating as you’d expect, with a virtual LED indicating when it’s clamping down on extraneous hiss. There’s also a range control, to adjust how much noise reduction the pedal applies.

Finally, there’s the Chorus-65, a vintage-voiced chorus based around the analogue bucket brigade chipset. To ensure you can properly gain stage within your DAW, there’s also now a level control for easier reduction of your signal’s volume.

Hear the pedalboard in action with Fuse Audio Labs’s sound samples below:

The full bundle lists for £16.50. Find out more at fuseaudiolabs.com.


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