Gibson unveils new Adam Jones Les Paul Standard Model – and it’s not a limited run

The Tool guitarist’s previous signature models were limited Custom Shop runs.

Gibson has introduced its latest signature model for Tool guitarist Adam Jones. Unlike the previous signature models for Jones, the new guitar is a standard USA model rather than a Custom Shop guitar, and is a regular USA production instrument rather than part of a limited run.

The instrument brings a few tweaks to the previous models. The core format of the guitar is still the same – it’s still a Les Paul finished in Antique Silverburst, however, with the move towards the USA standard line rather than a limited-edition Custom Shop release, a few changes have been made that reflect the lower price. It’s still not exactly a budget guitar, though, listing for a rather sizable $2,999. This is in comparison to $9,999 for both Aged And Signed edtions, and $5,999 for the Vintage Old Stock edition.

Rather than the seven-ply body binding and five-ply headstock binding found on the previous model, this guitar has single-ply cream body and neck binding, with an unbound headstock. The inlays are also trapezoid rather than block inlays. The back of the neck and headstock are also finished in black, rather than matching the silverburst as was the case previously. There’s still the geometric design from Jones on the back of the headstock, however.


Electronics, as well as aesthetics, have been tweaked. The pickups are now in-house Gibson humbuckers rather than Seymour Duncans, with an uncovered DC High-Gain humbucker in the bridge and a reverse-mounted, chrome-covered BurstBucker in the neck.

Construction is mostly unchanged, with a maple top, a mahogany body and neck and an ebony fretboard. The neck profile is a 70s rounded profile, with a headstock volute.

Check out Gibson’s introductory video below.

The Standard edition of Jones’ Les Paul was first teased all the way back in July 2021, when Gibson released a video going over the collection of its brand president Cesar Guekian. This also gave us a closer look at the two extremely-limited Explorer and Flying V Korina models Gibson released last year.

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