Gibson announce Indian rosewood versions of Custom Shop 1958 Flying Vs and Explorers

The guitars are still pricey, but are less extraordinarily expensive than their Brazilian rosewood counterparts.

Following the introduction of its extremely-limited run of Brazilian rosewood fretboard Custom Shop recreations of the 1958 Flying V and Explorer guitars, Gibson has now released slightly more accessible versions of the instruments fitted with Indian rosewood fretboards.

The Flying V features an ABR-1 bridge and a classic string-through-body design with a gold string plate. Its body is korina, with no weight relieving and an inset rubber leg rest. The fretboard is a single piece of Indian rosewood, hide glued to the korina neck. It features a 12-inch radius and 22 ‘reissue’ sized frets.

Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Flying V


Electronics consist of two Custombucker pickups, with a set of two volume controls and one tone control. Potentiometers are 500k vintage-taper CTS units.

The Explorer also features a korina body and neck, with the same one-piece, 12-inch radius, 22-fret Indian rosewood fretboard. The bridge is again an ABR-1 bridge , with a stop-bar tailpiece.

Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Explorer

Electronics are also identical to the Flying V’s, with two Custombucker pickups, a set of two volume controls and one tone control and 500k vintage-taper CTS potentiometers.

The new Custom Shop 1958 Explorer and Flying V reissues come with either 4-ply white or 4-ply black pickguards. Hardware colour in both cases is aged gold. These guitars do not feature the Murphy Lab ageing found on the previous collector’s edition instruments, however have utilised the same 3D scanning technology for the utmost accuracy in recreating these 1950s instruments.

Each guitar in the range lists for $9,999. Find out more at