Gibson fires up the Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird V, complete with plugged holes and authentic wear

The guitar features filled Maestro Vibrola holes, a missing reflector on the rhythm tone knob and more.

Gibson has honoured the late Johnny Winter with a meticulous reproduction of the blues-rocker’s Firebird, featuring a number of signature appointments and missing parts.

The Gibson Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird V is said to be a “complete replication” of Winter’s iconic guitar, with plugged holes in its body and a removed Maestro Vibrola, missing reflector on the rhythm tone knob, and a faded Firebird logo on the pickguard.

The Murphy Lab brings to life the custom-aged Polaris White finish which stays authentic to the finishes of the era.


The package is completed by a variety of case goodies for fans: a “signed” Johnny Winter print, photographs shot by the late Mick Rock, a Johnny Winter Texas Slide, Gibson vintage reissue strings and a certificate of authenticity.

As for the guitar’s specs, it features a nine-ply mahogany/walnut neck-through design with solid mahogany wings and an Indian rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. Pickups include a duo of Firebird Alnico V humbuckers which route to two volume and tone controls, as well as a three-way switch.

Gibson Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird
Image: Gibson

Gibson’s Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird ships in a custom faux-fur-lined case and is available at $8,999.

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