Gibson’s free virtual tune-up service connects players with techs in real-time

The service offers personalised guidance for players self-servicing their instruments.

Gibson has launched the Virtual Guitar Tech, a free online service that helps players self-service their guitars from their homes.

The service, which takes place over Zoom, provides real-time assistance by a professional technician for maintaining Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer and Steinberger instruments.

Over consultation and tune-up sessions, technicians assess the instrument and provide real-time instructions on repairs, set-up and other maintenance tasks such as adjusting your truss rod, pickup height, action and intonation. Consultation sessions run for 30 minutes and the follow-up tune-up session for an hour.


Technicians take into account each player’s experience and needs, as well as provide a list of tools and supplies required, according to Gibson. “Since players do the actual work while the technician demonstrates, […] the player’s comfort level will determine the level of service performed,” the company said in a statement.

Appointments can be scheduled on Gibson’s website.

Learn more about the Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service at

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