Gibson president teases what looks like a new guitar shape – think Theodore, but different

It’s giving us Theodore vibes.

Gibson brand president Cesar Gueikian is back at it with the teasing, and this time, it’s a blurry Instagram Story photo of him sporting what looks to be a new Gibson model.

In the cheeky reveal, we have a completely new shape of electric guitar with an Explorer style headstock.

The design is reminiscent of the recent limited edition Theodore — born from the original drawing and notes of former Gibson president Ted McCarty’s in the 50s — though this one is clearly a lot less… tulip-y.


Zooming in, the guitar also features twin humbuckers, a three-way switch, master volume and tone, and a Gibson USA-style bridge. There’s even a vintage tremolo tailpiece that you might hate if tuning stability is your thing.

Though the stories have long disappeared by now, YouTube channel The Trogly’s Guitar Show has made a video discussing the new guitar. In it, he also draws comparisons between the trem and control layout of the new model and the Gibson N-225 semi-hollow from 2013.

As for whether the new guitar will turn out to be a USA-Theodore or something else completely, only time will tell. Those looking to do some detective work can check out Trogly’s video below.

In other news, Gibson has recently filed a motion accusing Armadillo, parent company of Dean Guitars, of contempt of court. The former accused Armadillo of failing to act on their legal battle’s final judgement, and of “bragging” in a recent interview with that the company would continue to make the V and Z guitars, even after a jury found infringement.