The Glou-Glou Steak lets you get weird with distortion

This dual-channel distortion packs deep modulation, fuzz, octaves and filtering talents.

glou-glou steak

Image: Glou-Glou

Glou-Glou has unveiled the Steak, a dual-channel distortion device that packs in modulation, fuzz, analogue octaves and filtering talents, allowing guitarists to get creative in the art of sonic mangling.

The core of the Steak lies in its two near-identical distortion circuits, which are run in parallel. These can be fed by either a dry signal, or a signal that passes through an onboard fuzz circuit first. Both distortion modules offer a variety of operating modes that include soft and hard clipping, gated square, as well as octave-up and octave down.

The Steak offers a pre-distortion bandpass filter and a post-distortion low-pass filter, each with its own frequency, modulation depth and resonance controls. These can be applied and tweaked to achieve some very funky sounding results.

Adding on to this, the filters’ frequency control can be set to either envelope up, envelope down, or to read off the LFO or external expression device.

Suffice it to say that the Steak’s controls appear to be very much interdependent and call for a fair amount of experimentation. To get a better idea of how the pedal sounds, check out Glou-Glou’s video demo below.

The Glou-Glou Steak is priced at $470/€400, and is available at

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