Godin Guitars announces the Godin Nylon Series

Paying tribute to the La Patrie nylon-stringed acoustics.

Godin Guitars has announced its new Nylon Series of acoustic guitars, described by the brand “as a tribute to the long-standing heritage and quality of the La Patrie brand of nylon-stringed guitars.”

The La Patrie pedigree has now been rebranded under the Godin moniker to complement their already-released range of Godin Acoustic steel-string guitars.

The Godin Nylon Series all come with mahogany necks, a slight radius on the fretboard for comfortable playing and an optional set of electrics. There are a number of lightweight tonewoods on offer across the range, as well.


The nylon-strung guitars will continue to be made within the same factory as the La Patrie guitars that came before them.

The models range from entry range to pro-spec’d instruments, starting at $479 going all the way up to $1,099. In order of pricing the new entries into the range are:

  • Etude
  • Motif
  • Concert
  • Concert CW
  • Presentation
  • Collection
  • Arena CW
  • Arena Mahogany CW
  • Arena Flame Maple CW Dual Source EQ
  • Arena Pro CW Bourbon Burst Dual Source EQ

Find out more at godinguitars.com. For more gear news, click here.