Slide with a light touch, with Göldo Music’s new MagSlide

The USA-made slide features a unique magnesium construction.

German manufacturer Göldo Music has launched the MagSlide, a guitar slide made out of magnesium and finished in polished black chrome.

The magnesium construction means it’s significantly lighter than glass or brass counterparts, which Göldo says “offers the musician more freedom of movement,” They also note that “the MagSlide produces a rich and warm tone with lots of sustain and minimal string noise”. It also features divots on one end to keep it stable when being used on a finger, and its lighter weight should lend it to more controlled operation when being used horizontally.

The slide measures 63.8mm, with a diameter of 29mm. It weighs only 39.7 grams


The Magslide lists for €63. More information at