Gruv Gear announces new LYNK 3M low-profile pedal fasteners

Pedals can be neatly attached flush to your boards.

Guitar accessories manufacturer Gruv Gear has announced its new low-profile pedal fasteners.

Manufactured by 3M, the pre-cut patches of hook and loop tape come in 1×1-inch and 1×2-inch configurations, and Gruv Gear notes the convenience of their consistent sizing, saying “Unlike other hook and loop pedal fasteners cut from a roll, the LYNK Pedal Fasteners are always the same, every time; gone are the days of crooked edges and uneven, mismatched sizes and shapes.”

Gruv Gears LYNK fasteners
Image: Gruv Gear


The brand also touts the thin nature of the fasteners, which are half the thickness of regular 3M hook and loop tape. This leads to a neater look, as pedals lay flusher to the surface of your board.

The launch follows that of their Lynk series of pedalboards, which can be joined together for an expandable modular setup. Each is a lightweight aluminium panel, coming in at 12 by 17 inches. The board is offered in single, double and triple panel configurations. The connecting pieces, made of ABS plastic, have threaded feet to allow the pedalboard’s angle to be fully adjusted. There’s also a wireless battery power option, which can keep pedals running from a few hours to a few days while reducing on-stage cable clutter.

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