Guild introduces three new acoustic models for 2021, including an eight-string baritone

All are fairly affordable options, too.

Guild has introduced three new acoustic models for 2021: the BT-258E, BT-240E F-240E. The former two of these are new baritone models, while the latter is a more affordable take on the brand’s Jumbo shape.


Guild BT-258E

The BT-258E is an eight-string baritone acoustic guitar – quite the unique combination of descriptors for an instrument. It’s important to note that this is not an strung or built in the same way an electric eight-string is. Instead, imagine it like a standard six-string baritone guitar, with two of those strings doubled as they would be on a 12-string acoustic for a total of eight strings. Those strings are tuned as followed: B, E, a, A, d, D, F# and b – resulting in a baritone standard tuning, with the A and D strings doubled with an octave-above-tuned-string. Baritone standard tuning is 5 semitones lower than traditional E standard.


The guitar’s large, jumbo body features a pressed-back construction, with an arched rosewood back and a solid spruce top. Other appointments include rosewood back and sides, a bound neck and body, and a gloss finish.

Lists for $629.


Guild BT-240-E

This guitar takes a similar approach to the BT-258E, however without the doubled strings. One other difference is that the back is mahogany rather than rosewood.

Lists for $499.


Guild F-240E


This guitar takes Guild’s Jumbo shape and offers it at a much more affordable price than before. It’s built with a pau ferro fingerboard and bridge, a solid spruce top, mahogany sides and arched mahogany back, and is loaded with Guild’s Fishman-designed AP-1 electronics. It comes finished in a natural satin finish.

Lists for $399. Find out more at

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