Guitar.com Live: Get Offset, Living Room Gear Demos and Goodwood Audio discuss perfecting your pedalboard

The panel included Emily Harris (Get Offset), Eirik (Living Room Demos), Grant Klassen (Goodwood Audio).

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Guitar.com Live: Broadcasting from three different countries, a panel of experts – including Emily Harris (Get Offset podcast), Eirik (Living Room Gear Demos) and Grant Klassen (Goodwood Audio) – took part in a discussion where they thrashed out the biggest questions in pedalboard building from pedal order to ideal signal chain and more. The expert discussion broadcasted on the first day of the virtual guitar show.

Speaking about signal chain, Klassen challenged the orthodox of placing pitch shifting pedals ahead of a drive section of a pedal chain, arguing that overdrives had a tendency to wash out the pitch shifting effect.

“When you put the [Electro-Harmonix Pog] first, the overdrives tend to wash it out,” Klassen said. “You notice the effect a lot less, whereas now what I do is put pitch after my drive section.”

“It may track a little less accurately – but not noticeably – but when you hit the Pog, you can’t miss it. It is right there in your face, you have to turn the settings back because of how much it can be there.”

Watch the discussion in full above.

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