Guitar Slip No More aims to stop your six-string going AWOL while you sit playing it

Ever had a guitar make an escape attempt towards the floor?

Gregory Enterprise has announced its debut guitar product, the Guitar Slip No More. It’s a small accessory aimed at stopping certain shapes of guitar from sliding off your lap as you sit playing them.

Certain guitar bodies, especially those with glossy bodies, occasionally slide down your leg when you play them sitting down, meaning instead of doing the work of fretting and strumming your hands are also working to keep your guitar in the right position. The Guitar Slip No More aims to free up your hands, being a small form-fitting accessory with a gripping surface. As an added bonus, the brand also says that the device places your guitar’s neck in an easier-to-reach-position, and

The Guitar Slip No More comes in various sizes to best fit your particular guitar with a slippage problem. It doesn’t require any modifications or sticking any adhesives to your instrument, either.


The Guitar Slip No More lists for $19.95. Find out more at