Harley Benton pairs up classic guitar effect combinations with the Double Pedal series

Save on both ’board space and cash with these affordable stompers.

Harley Benton Double Pedal Range

Image: Harley Benton

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Harley Benton has launched the Double Pedal series, each featuring a classic effects pair-up within a single enclosure. Players looking to save on ‘board space and cash, these thrifty stompers might be up your alley.

The range includes the Evil Twin, Duality, Double vision, Twoface, Sugar & Spice and Double Jammer. On each pedal, both effects can be engaged independently or stacked atop one another.

Evil Twin Overdrive

This two-sided overdrive pedal offers a tube-style drive on one end and a TS-style circuit on the other. There are also drive, level and tone controls for either side, along with warm-hot and high-low clipping switches for broad tonal shifts.

Duality Reverb-Delay

Duality helpfully packs a reverb and delay circuit into a single box to cover most of your rudimentary time-based effects needs. On the reverb side, you get three modes: Studio, Church and Plate. The delay types include: Analogue, Real (space-style delay) and tape.

Double Vision Chorus-Tremolo

Analogue-style chorus and tremolo are the focal points of Double vision, which lets you dial in your sound with a simplified control layout. And, you’re also able to flip the orders of these effects, so whether you want to go chorus before tremolo, or tremolo before chorus, it’s just a switch-flick away.

Twoface Tremolo-Overdrive

The classic combination of an analogue tremolo and TS-style overdrive converge in the Twoface, which lets you achieve cinematic results with ease. It seems warm bluesy tones, classic rock grit and even stutter-ing soundscapes are all in this stomper’s wheelhouse.

Sugar & Spice Acoustic Multi-FX

A one-stop shop for live acoustic guitar effects, the Sugar & Spice includes a reverb circuit along with a delay-chorus effect. On the reverb side, there are filter, mod and reverb modes, while the delay-chorus gives you five effect styles to choose from.

Double Jammer Looper-Drum Machine

Ideal for sketching out song ideas, running through drills or adding layers to your solo set, the Double Jammer packs 121 different grooves and can loop up to 30 minutes of audio. There’s also tap tempo to easily set the BPM you need.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, the Evil Twin, Double Vision and Twoface are priced at €79 each, while the Duality, Sugar & Spice and Double Jammer go for €99 each.

Learn more at harleybenton.com

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