NAMM 2019 Video: Harmony reveals four standard-line models, three stunning reissues

Seven models for vintage lovers.

Harmony has released seven guitars for 2019: the Juno, Rebel, Jupiter, Silhouette, H19, H72, and H63. These models span reissues as well as re-designs, marking a strong return from the rebooted brand.

Here’s a closer look:

Harmony Juno

This lightweight, single-cut guitar is inspired by the iconic Harmony H44 model. It features a genuine mahogany body and neck, a locking tenon neck joint and a sleek ebony fretboard.

Its tone comes by way of two hand-wound gold foil P-90 pickups governed by a master volume knob and tone selector. The Juno will be available in three nitrocellulose lacquer finishes: Champagne, Pearl White and Rose.

Harmony Silhouette

This guitar stands out with its surf-inspired, offset shape. Its tonewoods comprise an alder body, a maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. As for electronics, the axe is loaded with two Harmony Goldfoil Mini Humbuckers, which are governed by one master volume knob and one tone knob.


The Silhouette is available in Slate, Pearl White and Champagne finishes.

Retails at $1,299.

Harmony Rebel and Jupiter

While they share many specs, the Rebel’s a double-cut axe that’s primed for rock ’n’ roll, while the Jupiter is a single-cut model with a more subdued vibe.

Both guitars feature a mahogany body, a mahogany neck, as well as an ebony fingerboard. They’re also similar in electronics and controls, with each guitar sporting two Harmony gold foil humbuckers, one master volume knob and one tone knob.

The Rebel is available in Burgundy, Pearl White and Champagne finishes. The Jupiter is available in Space Black, Pearl White and Champagne finishes.

Retails at $1,299 each.

H19 Solid Body Guitar Prototype

The H19 is a reissue of Harmony’s Silhouette, which is touted as one of the brand’s most coveted solid bodies. It features an offset shape that’s decked out in a Sunburst finish. As for tonewoods, the guitar has a mahogany body and neck, as well as a pau ferro fretboard.

Elsewhere, the guitar derives its raw, commanding tone from two custom reissue humbuckers, which line up neatly alongside a tremolo bridge.

H72 Hollow Body Guitar Prototype

Like the H19, the H72 is a reissue of a Harmony favourite. It has a thinline hollow body, six-in-line headstock, custom gold foil pickups and a classic tonewood profile: maple top and back, mahogany neck, and pau ferro fretboard. And as a nod to its predecessor, the guitar boasts a resplendent Cherry Red finish.

H63 Hollow Body Guitar Prototype

This hollow body is inspired by the original H63, which Harmony describes as “one of its rarest and coveted models”.

It features a classy ebony finish – over a maple top and back – as well as a mahogany neck and a pau ferro fretboard. The guitar is also loaded with custom reissue humbuckers, which produce a vintage tone that’s reminiscent of 50s jazz boxes.

All models are available from 28 March. More information at