Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio team up for the Hell Horse, a fuzz-delay combo

Time to get noisy.

Pedal makers Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio have collaborated on the Hell Horse – an effect that combines both fuzz and a delay.

The pedal’s delay circuit is powered by a PT2399 chip – which offers a 460ms delay time with crushed, degraded repeats. The delay side of things sports controls for mix and time, with a hard-set number of repeats. The time ranges from the aforementioned 460ms to a more slapback sound of 50ms.

The fuzz circuit, simply enough, features a control for the amount of fuzz. The output stage is a little more involved, however, with a unique combination of a tone knob and a shift knob. The pedal’s EQ manipulation has two main peaks, one in the bass frequency range and one in the treble range. Both of them are boosted/cut by 15dB with the tone knob. The shift knob moves these peaks further apart or closer together.


The Hell Horse offers true bypass switching, with a single footswitch to engage the delay and fuzz at the same time.

The pedals can be purchased from hauntedlabs.com for $220.

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