Hilbish Design opens up preorders for the Sol Invicticus

The dual-channel unit can be used as a preamp or as a distortion pedal.

Hilbish Design has announced the Sol Invictus, a dual-channel preamp and distortion pedal. The unit features amp-like controls and an extensive I/O section.

The unit is based on Hilbish’s Beta Preamp, with the same dual-channel approach. The gain staging allows for anything in between sparkling cleans to maxed-out fuzz, and because fo the dual channels you can switch between these at the click of a footswitch. There’s also the option to run both channels at the same time.

This comes in particularly handy when making full use of the pedal’s I/O, which includes a separate quarter-inch out for each channel, allowing you to put the pedal in front of two amplifiers for stereo rigs. The I/O also includes a balanced output for running into a mixing boad, an instrument-level output for use as a guitar pedal, and a line-level output for running into a poweramp.


Each channel sports its own gain and level control, as well as a 3-band EQ, alongside a master volume control. Hear it in action in Hilbish’s teaser below:

The Sol Invictus is available for preorder now, with a 20% discount applying if you preorder. This brings its price down to $280 from $350. Units will ship in June this year. Find out more here.

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