Horizon Devices launches the Flux Echo reverb/delay combo

Misha Mansoor’s brand branches out from drive pedals.

Horizon Devices has announced its latest effects pedal, the Flux Echo.

Contrary to the Misha Mansoor’s pedal brand’s first two products, the Flux Echo is a time-based effect – rather than the Precision Drive or Apex Preamp pedals. It combines analogue delay with ambient reverb, offering a selection of different flavour combinations.

The central ‘flux mode’ switch selects between three different modes: a warm, ambient reverb with clean analogue delay repeats, a lightly modulated reverb with a smooth reverse delay, and a shimmer reverb with a tape-style echo.

These are all controlled by four control knobs, as well as a momentary tap/hold switch. The knobs control the reverb’s decay, the delay feedback amount, the wet/dry mix, and the tone of the effect. You can use the tone control to roll off a considerable amount of treble from the

Delay time is controlled exclusively by the tap-tempo footswitch – there’s no separate time knob. Holding this footswitch engages a freeze mode, holding both the delay and reverb trail in place.

The pedal also supports stereo in/out, which can also split the mono signal in two. Finally, you can engage or disengage reverb trails by holding the bypass footswitch.

Hear the pedal in action with Mansoor’s demo below:

The Flux Echo lists for $199. Find out more over at horizondevices.com.

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