Hoyer Guitars announces range of artisan picks

With extreme customisability for thickness, shape and feel.

Hoyer Guitars has introduced a range of artisan guitar picks, with varying shapes, feels and even finishes to the picking edge available.

All of the picks in the range are made from premium-grade acrylic, and are available in 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0mm thicknesses. All of them also feature a laser-etched design on the acrylic, adding extra grip so nothing goes flying mid-performance. The full range is as follows:

The Hoyer Vintage

Hoyer Vintage


The Hoyer Vintage is a classic guitar-pick shape, with a rounded tip for a familiar feel.

The Hoyer Vintage P

Hoyer Vintage P

The Hoyer Vintage P has the same base design as the standard Vintage, only with a pointed tip.

The Hoyer Wings

Hoyer Wings

The Wings features extra width, for even more stability – perfect for thicker strings, or bass guitars.

The Hoyer Balance

Hoyer Balance


The Hoyer Balance has a tri-tip design, for on-the-fly changes to your picking approach.

The Hoyer Blade

Hoyer Blade

The Hoyer Blade is a more modern take on the standard pick approach, with a thinner, sleeker design.

Each pick is available in one one of two edge finishes – the Artisan picks are meticulously hand polished on the edge, for a smoother surface and tone, while the Baseline range keeps the edge rough for a more aggressive sound. Take a look at the difference between the two below:

Hoyer's different edge finishes
Hoyer’s two pick edge finishes: Baseline (L), and Artisan

Find out more at hoyerguitars.com. For more gear news, click here.