Hughes & Kettner joins the pedalboard amp game with the Black Spirit 200 Floor

The manufacturer have squashed their 200-watt powerhouse into a pedalboard form-factor.

The Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor

Image: Hughes & Kettner

The pedalboard amplifier field is becoming increasingly popular and competitive, and now German high-end amp titan Hughes & Kettner has thrown its hat into the ring with the announcement of its brand-new Black Spirit 200 Floor.

The four-channel amp iterates on the Black Spirit 200 and its combo version, retaining the same Bionic Spirit Tone Generator and core controls of its full-sized siblings. The all-analogue Bionic Spirit Tone Generator is Hughes & Kettner’s tried-and-tested take on emulating tubes inside solid-state circuitry. New to the mix, however, is a power-sagging system – letting the Black Spirit 200 Floor recreate the behaviour of a cranked tube power amp section, independent of volume. The Floor also integrates footswitches, for easy on-stage tone swapping.

While the Bionic Spirit system may be analogue, the Black Spirit 200 makes use of digital technology in its accompanying app, which allows for an unlimited number of user-preset tones, and remote control of the amp’s settings in real-time.

True to the conventions of the form-factor, the Black Spirit can function as an all-in-one rig. The Black Spirit Floor 200 keeps the range’s built-in Red Box DI and Cab simulation system, hence a balanced XLR output on the back of the unit can run straight into an interface or front-of-house. For fans of big on-stage volume and mic’d up authenticity, the amp still offers the traditional speaker output – with options for 2, 20, or 200 watts.

Watch a demonstration of the Black Spirit Floor 200’s tonal range below:

The Black Spirit Floor 200 lists for €899. More information at


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