Hughes & Kettner’s StompMan is a full-fledged guitar amp in a pedal

Serving as a hub “of high quality pedal boards”.

Hughes & Kettner has announced the latest addition to its AmpMan line, the StompMan.

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The new StompMan has elements of its predecessors, with a tone knob shaping the amp’s response according to the gain, master and sagging settings.

The heart of the new compact floor effects unit is the Spirit Tone Generator, a fully analog circuit that captures the tone and ultra-direct, dynamic feel of traditional tube amps.


Other elements include an exclusive analogue sagging knob that controls power amp saturation by varying its supply voltage, a bypass button that removes the onboard preamp from the signal chain, and a trim knob that sets the gain to the level that works best with the power amp sections.

The StompMan delivers up to 50 watts depending on the connected speakers’ impedance, with 12.5 watts at 16 ohms at the lower end of the spectrum. It has been designed to be felt in both rehearsal rooms, and gigging spaces.

“The StompMan does so many things so well: It can serve as the hub of high-quality pedalboards, as the tone-generating power amp for analog and digital preamps, as a recording tool, and as the gig bag-friendly go-to amp for every occasion”, says Sully Neuscheler, product manager at Hughes & Kettner.

“With its top-drawer tone, brilliant features and astonishing power, StompMan is the smallest of the big guitar amps!”

The new StompMan is due for release mid March 2022, and will be priced at €199.

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