Hylight Electronics UK launches the Vintage Reissue series of hand-wired amps

Hylight Electronics UK has launched the newly redesigned Vintage Reissue series of hand-wired amplifiers.

The Vintage Reissues offer up a high-headroom British sound, true to their roots – but Hylight Electronics upgraded the components specified in Dave Reeves’ original designs for the amplifiers. This leads to more clarity at lower volumes, and a punchier tone at higher output. Two other modern additions are the effects loop and line out features, which let you incorporate time-based effects and modulation without unwanted distortion, and blend the impactful tone of the mic’d-up amp with a clear direct-out signal.

With the new effects loop, combined with the high headroom, the Vintage Reissue amps look to be great pedal platforms for those so inclined.


The amps come in a choice of specially sourced tolex in 3 colours: Black, Racing Green or Bold Red. There’s also the choices for Fane Alnico A60/A90 or Celestion Alnico Gold/Blue speaker options.

Watch the company’s video demo:

The VR504 head lists for $2999, the VE212F/C cabinet lists for $1199 and the VR204C 20W Combo lists for $2699. Find out more over at hylight.co.uk. For more gear news, click here.