The HyVibe System turns any acoustic into a multi-effects processor – no pedals required

It repurposes your guitar’s top as a pseudo-speaker.

HyVibe Smart Guitar

Image: HyVibe

The HyVibe system, an innovative acoustic preamp that was previously only available in certain Lâg guitars, is now available as an aftermarket add-on for any acoustic.

The device resembles, externally, any other preamp system you might find on an electro-acoustic guitar. Where it differs from them is the actuator pads, attached to the inside of the guitar. A regular piezo pickup takes in the signal of your playing before processing it and sending it to the actuator pads. These effectively repurpose the guitar’s top as a speaker. The vibrations are then measured again, optimising the sound and killing any potential feedback.

HyVibe Smart Guitar
Image: HyVibe

This means that you can dial in things like delay, looping, distortion and other effects, all without an amplifier. Instead, your delay trails and loops are projected by vibrating the guitar’s top. It’s a unique system, and you can hear it for yourself, installed in a Lâg guitar, in the video below.

Other built-in features include a tuner, metronome, and Bluetooth MIDI controller connectivity for more complex use-cases.

The aftermarket installation kit will list for $390 in the US or €390 worldwide. However, HyVibe is aiming to offer the system through guitar shops, bundled with its installation. Find out more at

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