Ibanez launches two new mini pedals: a phaser and a booster

Housed in the same angled enclosure as its other mini pedals.

For 2021, Ibanez has expanded its lineup of mini pedals with two new entries: the PHMINI and BTMINI, a miniature phaser and booster respectively.


This simple phaser pedal features controls for phase speed, depth and feedback, as well as a discrete toggle switch on its side to choose between four-stage and six-stage phasing.

The pedal also fully analogue, and features a true bypass switch on its miniature angled enclosure, along with (appropriately enough for a phaser) a red, white and black colour scheme.

BTMINI Booster


This clean booster pedal features a similarly stripped-back control layout, with just three knobs for level, treble and bass. The tone section means the EQ curve of the boost can be adjusted between a “wide range” setting, as Ibanez describes it, where the whole signal is lifted in volume. Alternatively, at lower bass and treble settings, the boost comes through as more of a midrange-focused boost.

The boost itself is powered by a Japanese-made JRC MUSES 8820, an op-amp known for its bright, clean character.

Watch official demos for both pedals below.

The PHMINI lists for £99 and the BTMINI lists for £89. Both pedals are made in Japan. Find out more at ibanez.com.


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