Hear IK Multimedia’s new X-GEAR hardware effects in action with in-depth demos

The four units arrived at Summer NAMM.

IK Multimedia made its first foray into hardware guitar effects at Summer NAMM 2021, with the launch of its X-GEAR range of digital pedals. Now the brand has allowed fans to explore the line further, with a set of demos diving into the pedals. All of the new demos offer a taste of each pedal’s 16 effects.


The X-DRIVE features a range of distortion options, ranging from modern distortion, old-school overdrives and full-blown fuzz effects. Take a listen below.



The X-VIBE offers a veritable suite of modulation effects, with multiple phasers, choruses, tremolos and rotary effects. Listen below:


The X-Time offers you delay effects ranging from classic to futuristic, with old-school tape echo sitting alongside pristine stereo ping-pong delay. Take a listen:


The X-SPACE’s 16 effects include two Shimmer reverbs, a hall reverb, a room reverb, a chamber reverb, a church reverb, a plate reverb and a spring reverb. Things get a little more experimental from here on out, with Swell, Gate, Reverse, Early Ref, Extreme, Ethereal, Bloom and Magnetic effects. Hear it in action below.


Each pedal lists for $/€299.99, and features preset banks, USB audio interface functionality, full MIDI support for any parameter, onboard impulse responses for connecting directly to a PA, wet/dry separation and stereo connectivity. Find out more at ikmultimedia.com.