IsoAcoustics’ Stage 1 Board improves clarity of your live amp sound

Companion accessory to Stage 1 isolators makes for a more flexible setup.

IsoAcoustics has released Stage 1 Board, a companion accessory to the brand’s Stage 1 isolators. By attaching the isolators to the new Board, you can still receive their vibration-reduction benefits to speaker cabs, but in a more flexible, decoupled setup.

The Stage 1 Isolators are designed to bring two sonic benefits to speaker cabs – they help to reduce resonance and lower internal reflections. Besides being a portable platform for the isolators, the Stage 1 Board is also touted to add clarity and bass punch to your amped sound.

isoacoustics Stage 1 Board


You can attach up to four Stage 1 Isolators to its Board sibling, which, in turn, can accommodate speakers up to a maximum weight of 200Ibs/90kg.

The Stage 1 Board retails at £39.99/$39.99, while the companion isolators retail at £129.99/$129.99 (in a pack of four). More info at