Jackson Audio’s FUZZ lets you swap out parts of the circuit for different sounds

Offering a spectrum of vintage to modern fuzz sounds.

The Jackson Audio FUZZ

Image: Jackson Audio

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Jackson Audio has announced its new FUZZ pedal, a modular unit that can accept different plug-in units for different sounds.

The pedal, alongside the core fuzz circuitry, also offers an analogue octave circuit, engaged with a secondary footswitch. This can be tweaked to go between clean octave up to spluttering, synth-like chaos. The pedal’s three-band EQ is also fully parametric, meaning you can target frequencies to sculpt, rather than just having bass, middle and treble set at certain points along the spectrum.

The pedal’s analogue plugins come in the form of small daughterboards, which come with trim pots for adjusting behaviour. Out of the box, the pedal comes with the Modern Fuzz module installed, as well as the Fuzz Classic/Vintage board to get you started swapping sounds.

On top of these two modules, Jackson Audio will also be offering the following:

  • The Modern Fuzz Deluxe, which expands the stock module with extra clipping options.
  • The Fuzz Classic/Modern, which offers a later Fuzz Face-style fuzz.
  • The Fuzz Page Mark II, which recreates the legendary Tone Bender MKII.
  • The Goat Head, a recreation of the legendary Rams Head Big Muff Pi.

The pedal also has top-mounted jacks for easy pedalboard arrangement, as well as a plate-mounted enclosure design so that when it’s opened up for module changes, you’re not lost in a sea of potentiometers and wires.

The pedal itself lists for £279 and the modules for £49 each. Find out more at jackson.audio. For more gear news, click here.

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