Mateus Asato teams with Jackson Audio for the El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion

Featuring eight clipping options, a Baxandall-style EQ and more.

Mateus Asato – who will be making an appearance at Live later this October – has teamed up with Jackson Audio on a brand new dual-drive pedal, the El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion.

The El Guapo features two independent drive circuits. The overdrive section is modelled after the classic Marshall Plexi, while the high-gain distortion draws from the iconic JCM800. According to Jackson Audio, this combination promises to deliver the “soulful overdriven tones” and “liquid high-gain tones” which Asato often uses.

Each circuit also offers four clipping options, which are cycleable by holding down on its corresponding footswitch.


The distortion circuit’s clipping options include a Marshall Guv’nor style; ProCo Rat Style, and two Suhr Riot Style. Meanwhile, the overdrive circuit offers players a choice between a vintage Marshall style; Tube Screamer style, as well as both asymmetrical and symmetrical clipping options.

Both drive circuits share an active three-band Baxandall-style EQ, but feature independent controls for gain, tone and volume.

For an even more versatile performance, there’s also a Gain Cycle feature, which lets players jump between gain stages on the fly. This divides the user-set gain by four equal parts and lets players jump between each by pressing down both footswitches simultaneously.

According to Jackson Audio, the El Guapo was developed over a “10+ prototype revision process”. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand said that it hasn’t been able to bring Asato to the US to film a demo of its final version. Instead, they shared a video of Asato demoing an early version of the pedal. Take a look below:

The El Guapo is available now at $349, pick one up at 


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