JAM pedals joins two overdrives together to create the Double Dreamer

Twice the overdrive options at your feet.

JAM pedals has joined two of its strongest overdrive pedals together to create the Double Dreamer. The pedal offers the classic 808-TS-style drive of the Tubedreamer and the more modern wet/dry overdrive of the Lucydreamer in a single enclosure.

The controls for each overdrive remain unchanged from their original form. The Tubedreamer side offers level, gain and tone, while the Lucydreamer side offers the same, with an added mix-knob for the wet/dry functionality.

The central footswitch kicks some or all of the pedal into high-gain mode, depending on the position of the toggle switch on the front of the pedal. The high-gain footswitch can apply to either side of the pedal, or both, allowing you to either increase the base level of gain overall, or instantly change from a clear, sparkly overdrive to a saturated lead.

An internal dipswitch gives you the option to switch around the order of the pedal routing, including a ‘Y’ mode, splitting your input signal into each pedal simultaneously, utilising stereo output jacks as opposed to a left and right output. The ‘in’ jack becomes the Lucydreamer’s breakout point, with the tip acting as the input, and the ring as output. The ‘out’ jack becomes the Tubedreamer breakout point, with the tip acting as output and ring as input. This does mean that you will need a pair of stereo quarter-inch jack to 2x mono quarter-inch jack adapters to make full use of this mode.

Watch Babis Tyropoulos demonstrate the pedal below:

The Double Dreamer lists for €269. More information at Jampedals.com

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