The 20-string Mountain Dew guitar is now a reality, thanks to Jared Dines and the internet

Memes do come true – if you wish hard enough or continuously pester Jared Dines.

Jared Dines Mountain Dew Guitar

Image: Jared Dines via YouTube

YouTuber Jared Dines has shown off his latest custom-built instrument, a playable version of the 20-string Mountain Dew electric guitar that gained popularity as an internet meme.

The monstrous instrument was custom-built by China-based 10S Custom Guitars. Being as large as it is, the 20-stringer proves a challenge to play in any normal fashion, but in the unveiling video, Dines opted to play it in a seated, lap steel position.

Watch the full video below.

According to Dines, turning the meme into reality was his attempt at silencing the “thousands of tags” in his inbox, from fans asking, “Hey Jared, have you seen this picture?”

“I’ve seen it,” he said. “Stop tagging me.”

In a statement, Dines also lauded the craftsmanship of 10S guitars’ builders, who put in “over half a year” of work to create the guitar.

“It is fully functional as you can see in the video, sounds great, and definitely djents!,” he wrote. “To my knowledge nobody has ever attempted to make it a reality so this is as close as we could come without making it entirely unplayable. Definitely go show 10S some love”.

The Mountain Dew guitar meme has been been in circulation on the web for a number of years, though its exact origins are hard to trace. Back in 2017, Dines even wrote to Mountain Dew asking the company to collaborate in building the guitar.

Now, the 10S Mountain Dew Meme Guitar has its own official Equipboard page.

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