JBE Pickups launches the Black Beauty, a noiseless soapbar P-90

JBE Pickups has launched the Black Beauty, a soapbar P-90 also fitted with hum-cancellation.

The pickup, unlike most of JBE’s models, comes with a cover – as its name implies, only available in black. The cover allows the two rails through – responsible for the hum-cancelling nature of the JBE soapbars.

The pickup comes as either a bridge or neck version, with the neck pickup voiced to be warm, yet retaining the clarity associated with the P-90. the bridge is more aggressively voiced, and with both pickups engaged JBE describes the tone as a “wonderfully hollow/woody sound that seems to belie the tonal character of each pickup separately.”


The brand also notes that the Black Beauty Soapbar is “not designed to be simply another vintage recreation” – something definitely evident from the noise-cancelling rails on display. The pickups will fit any guitar routed for standard Gibson soapbar pickups.

The Black Beauty P-90s are available individually for $169.95 each or as a set for $299.95. Find out more over at jbepickups.com For more gear news, click here.