Watch: Jim Root gives a rundown of his touring rig

Slipknot’s #4 highlights his favoured amps and axes.

Slipknot’s current Knotfest Roadshow has been nothing short of fiery, both visually and sonically. And thanks to a video by guitar YouTuber Stay Metal Ray, we now have a clearer picture of what’s powering Slipknot’s searing live sound: Jim Root’s guitar rig.

In the video, Slipknot’s resident axeman gives a rundown of his live rig. He singles out a new Friedman amp, as well as an Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII head. Root also shared his current jam rig – an EVH combo of a 5152 lunch box head and 2×12 cab – and revealed his preference for tube amps over their digital counterparts.

Moving over to his axes, Root showed off his yet-to-be-released Fender Jazzmaster that EMG shared on Instagram last month. He briefly talked about the six-string’s specs before pulling out what seems to be a matte black variant with a Floyd Rose bridge.


Watch the rundown in full above.

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