One of Jimi Hendrix’s Marshall Super Leads is up for sale, with an asking price of $350,000

The amp was used live across the summer of 1969.

One of the Marshall Super Lead 100 amplifier heads used by Jimi Hendrix has been posted for sale online, with an asking price of a rather sizable $350,000.

According to the listing on, the amplifier was used on stage across the summer of 1969, from April onwards, including at the Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Color Sound Experiment, Woodstock, Isle Of Wight Festival, and Germany’s Open Air Love & Peace Festival. The amp was also apparently used for rehearsals and recording with Band Of Gypsys.

The amplifier itself is a 100-watt head, built around four EL-34 power tubes and three ECC-83 / 12AX7 preamp tubes. Notably, there’s no preamp gain control – and so the high-gain rock tones it’s famous for were achieved by cranking the amp to huge volumes, distorting the power amp section. The era this particular unit dates back to means that the internals would have been hand-wired, rather than built using an etched PCB. It has two channels and four inputs.


The amp has “J.H. EXP.” stencilled on it in several places, as well as “handle with care.” The Marshall logo on its face is mainly intact, with a small chip taken out of a corner of the “M.” The amp’s listing includes a letter of inspection by Phil Wells, head of Marshall’s heritage and archive services.

Despite the price of $350,000, Reverb reports that 21 people have already put the amp in their carts. So if the prospect of playing through one of the same amp heads as Hendrix appeals, it might be an idea to act fast.

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