Joe Gore releases set of trippy Line 6 Helix Boards

The outré boards are now available on the Line 6 Store.

Musician, pedal builder, and tone-chaser Joe Gore has unveiled 13 aftermarket sound sets – or “boards” – for the Line 6 Helix.

Every board aims to do something unique, not just from the other boards in the set, but from the typical tones modelling amps produce. As Gore states in his video outlining the boards, he is approaching the Helix “as the unique instrument it is”, seeking usable yet offbeat tones that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with analogue gear.

A couple of highlights from Gore’s offerings are the Blood and Pasta board and Beelzeboard. The former evokes the characteristic tones of Ennio Morricone, dusting your sound in primitive fuzz and lo-fi reverb commonly heard in spaghetti westerns. Watch the video above to learn more.

Beelzeboard, on the other hand, abandons period authenticity in favour of a thick, stereo wall of digital noise. It takes advantage of the Helix’s ability to reach far into parts of the frequency spectrum inaccessible to a normal amplifier.

Here are the rest of the sets available:

  • The Back Assward Board – a delay-heavy board with an unusual signal chain order
  • The Bigfoot Board – eerie synth sounds inspired by cryptozoology
  • The Ouija Board – theremin-heavy horror soundscapes
  • The Bliss Board – calming ambient pads
  • The Bogus Bass Board – transforms your guitar into any one of a collection of bass guitar and synth basses
  • The Board of the Rings – interlocking ring modulators
  • The Fuzz Board – a collection of fuzz tones
  • The Bop and Swing Board – authentic vintage jazz tones from any guitar
  • The Broke-ass Board – using a very expensive modelling unit to recreate a terrible, cheap amplifier
  • The Glitch Board – the sounds of breaking equipment
  • The Psych Board – psychedelic sounds from retro jangle to strange bass tones

Each of these boards can be bought individually for $13, or all together for $99. You can listen to Gore demonstrate the different boards on his YouTube channel.

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