John Mayer spotted playing potential PRS Silver Sky prototype

The PRS Advanced Research Division creation was seen during the Dead & Company’s recent farewell tour show.

John Mayer potential prototype

Image: John Mayer Gear via Instagram

John Mayer has been spotted playing a new signature model, possibly hinting at the emergence of the PRS Silver Sky 2.0.

During Dead & Company’s recent farewell tour show, the Continuum guitarist brought out an axe that has been speculated to be a prototype Silver Sky due to a sticker reading “Prototype. Silver Sky. Advanced Research Division” behind the bridge.

According to the Instagram account John Mayer Gear, there have been some modifications that suggest it might be a prototype of a new PRS Silver Sky.

The guitar dons a Moc Sand finish, and looks to have an output jack fitted with a switch – similar to the Alembic Blaster FET-based boost that can also be found built into the pickguard of Jerry Garcia’s Alligator Stratocaster. This isn’t the only Alligator reference, as the headstock has been fitted with a brass nut, as well as a new retainer bar.

The guitar also dons a hardtail, a first for the Silver Sky.

The prototype Silver Sky can be seen at around the 19:30 mark below:

Despite the speculation around this being a prototype, the sticker might be a red herring, and the guitar could be nothing more than a one-off instrument made for the latest Dead & Company tour. But, it’s also possible that it is indeed a prototype model – after all, that’s how the world was introduced to the Silver Sky itself.

Back in April there were more rumours about Mayer debuting a new Silver Sky, as he teased a new SE Silver Sky model on his recent US solo tour. According to the John Mayer Gear Instagram account, it was first seen in late march, before a second appearance on the 1 April added to the rumour-mill of some kind of new guitar being on the way.


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