Joyo’s BSK-60 is a band-friendly portable acoustic guitar amp

Highlights include Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable lithium battery and a looper.

Joyo BSK-60 acoustic guitar amplifier

Joyo has released the BSK-60, its flagship acoustic guitar amplifier for 2019. With two inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and a four-hour-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, this 60-watter is made for both solo busking and duo performances.

The BSK-60 features two inputs – for a guitar and a mic – that can each be customised to different settings. The mic input can be shaped with a channel volume, two-band EQ, and in-built reverb. The guitar channel has an expanded control strip including a channel volume, three-band EQ as well as in-built chorus, reverb and delay effects.

Other notable features include an in-built looper – with unlimited dubs – as well as an aux-in jack and a Link jack. The latter is for smartphone connection, giving you the ability to add effects from apps to your signal.

Joyo BSK-60 acoustic guitar amp footswitch

The BSK-60 also arrives with a multi-functional footswitch that has options for mute, anti-feedback, dub, chorus, delay and reverb. This device also boasts what Joyo calls “independent mic reverb and guitar reverb effects” and has an in-built nine-volt DC output for powering pedals.

Available at $420. More info at


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