Joyo unveils the R-13 XVI octave pedal

With in-built modulation, and the option for sub or upper octaves.

Joyo has announced the VXI octave pedal, the latest entry to the brand’s R-Series of effects.

The unit is a polyphonic octave pedal that allows for octave-up, octave-down or a blend of the two. It iterates on the Joyo OCHO, which was only monophonic, and could only add sub-octaves.

There’s also the notable addition of a modulation effect, which blends the octaves for a harmonically-rich chorus effect, which Joyo says will allow for some “impressive polyphonic organ sounds.”


The pedal’s controls are relatively straightforward – there are blend controls for the octave down, the octave up and the dry signal, as well as a control to affect how much modulation there is. This only affects the depth of the modulation, rather than the rate – however, the polyphonic tracking of the pedal should pair interestingly with other pedals.

Like all of the R-series pedals, the XVI sports some futuristic lighting effects via both a light on the pedal’s face and an acrylic rim between the two parts of the enclosure.

The pedal lists for £89. Find out more over at For more gear news, click here.