Keeley launches limited-edition X pedals

These 10 stompboxes span the brand’s entire effects catalogue.

Keeley X pedals feature

Keeley has unveiled the X pedal range, a collection of 10 limited-edition stompboxes that range from re-designed classics to brand-new effects.

Our pick of the bunch are three newly minted pedals: the Tri Verb X, the Roto Sonic X, and the Tri Mod X. The former is a reverb pedal that combines three of the brand’s most popular reverb presets, while the latter two feature new rotary/vibe modes and chorus tones, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of all 10 X pedals:


  • Tri Verb X: Combines Keeley’s Spring, Plate and Chamber reverbs for the first time


  • Roto Sonic X: A new Keeley Vibe pedal with Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-X, and U-Vibe modes


  • Tri Mod X:
    • Dubbed “the world’s only flawless chorus pedal”
    • Produces a killer combination of chorus, flanger and phase effects


  • Comp Plus X: Dubbed the “ultimate guitar compressor”


  • Mezzo Drive X:
    • Dubbed the “ultimate Dirty White Sand”
    • Produces a transparent, low-gain, and Tube Screamer-like drive
  • Super Phat X: Produces a tube amp tone
  • Super Ox X: Takes after Keeley’s fabled Oxblood overdrive
  • OP Fuzz X:
    • Takes after Keeley’s Op Amp Fuzz
    • Produces a thick, sticky fuzz sound


  • Tape Echo X:
    • Emulates a magnetic tape echo
    • Keeley’s cavernous X modulation is added to the delay effect

For bass

  • Super Bass X: A Bass Compressor that tightens and fattens your tone

Only 30 pieces of each model will be made, so don’t sleep on this. To entice you further, Keeley’s also offering a pretty sweet deal on these pedals: buy four and get the fifth one free, or buy eight and get the other two free.

Retails at $149 each. More information at


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